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Contact Martin today to learn more about *Online One-to-One* or In-Person Personal Coaching Classes/Sessions in March & April 2023
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All local In-Person *Group* Pilates Ćlasses continue as usual in the various local venues.

Martin manages Ulster Bank’s In-House gym on a part-time basis in Leopardstown, Sandyford Industrial Estate, Dublin 18 *since 2004*. He organizes and gives various corporate exercise and fitness classes, offers health screenings, fitness assessments and diet/nutrition advice, works on in-house marketing and promotions, assists with in-house health and well being days and weeks, manages the Health & Well Being part of Ulster Bank’s intranet for over 11 years.

He is also part of the *Live Work Grow* Fitness and Exercise Team in Central Park, Leopardstown, D18, which offers various morning and evening fitness classes to corporate  businesses.
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Martin offers various fitness, health and exercise classes and courses e.g.
1. Toning & Weight Loss Classes
2. Kettlebell Classes
3. Pilates & Core Strength Classes (Beginners, Intermediate, Advanced Level, various small equipment)
4. Men Only Pilates & Core Conditioning
5. Conditioning Circuit Training Classes
6. Spinning Classes
7. HIIT – High Intensity Interval Training Classes
8. Body Weight Exercise Classes
…. contact Martin if you are looking for another type of class, as he might be able to offer the class you are looking for or he might know an instructor that offers that type of class e.g. Yoga Classes, Dance Classes, Martial Arts, Tai Chi Classes etc..

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