30/30 Toning, Weight-Loss Class incl. Q&A Nutrition Exercise Boost Fitness & Health for good!

These Toning & Weight-Loss Exercise Classes in South Dublin combine:
_ 1. 30min of Exercising with various small pieces of fitness equipment
_ 2. 30min of an Open Q&A, Questions and Answers and a Mini-Talk / Seminar
3. Access to a members-only (private) Facebook-group or Q&A forum where you can ask health, fitness,
____ well-being or exercise related question.
This class re-starts Wednesday – 10th  January 2018 please register your interest in this 2018 – Toning & Fitness Classes here.

April 2017 Sandyford Community Centre Toning Weight Loss Class Leopardstown near Belarmine Stepaside Kilternan Foxrock Cabinteely Glencullen1. Class Location: Sandyford Community Centre, Dublin 18, D18 (Lambs Cross, just of the M50)
__ beside Belarmine, Aiken’s Village, Sandyford Village, close to Stepaside, Kilternan, Glencullen, Enniskerry.
2. Class Time: 7.45pm-8.45pm (60 minutes)
3. Class Size:  Classes are small, places are limited to 8-10 participants per class, allowing individual attention and feedback. 
4. Join: Anytime in 2018
5. Course Duration: 8 consecutive weeks – Trial, Drop-In, Pay-As-You-Go option depends on availability.
6. Course Fee: Introduction Price €80 for 8 weeks (in January 2018 only).
Payments can be done (1) cash, (2) via cheque (please issue the cheque to “Fitnecise”) or
(3) via a credit card and Visa debit card see bottom of this page (**a small card transaction fee applies).
7.1. Drop-In, Pay-As-You-Go – €15 (just twice available per person –  if availability allows, please contact us before you plan to come along )
7.2. 8 Week course – €120 – 8 consecutive classes – non-refundable 
7.3. Booking Deposit – €50 non-refundable
7.4. Join Anytime (pro-rata if an 8 week course has already started)

8. Bookings: Bookings are taken on a first come first serve basis.
Click on the picture above to see the class venue or find a map and street view here (Map, Street-View).

  1. Part 1: 30min of Exercising including
    (1) body-weight exercises (e.g. variations of squats, lunges, press-ups etc.,
    (2) Kettlebell moves,
    (3) Pilates and Core Strength routines,
    (4) Gym-Stick exercise etc..
    We will use various other small pieces of equipment e.g. a Swiss-ball (Gym-ball), medicine-balls, resistance bands, small hand-weights all there to help you to tone-up, lose weight and get fitter.
    My main goal is to show you what you can do with very little, no equipment or various small pieces of equipment that you might have already at home, but is collecting dust or used as door-stopper e.g. a Kettebell or a hand-weight.
    By the way, your own body is one of the best pieces of exercise equipment, it’s always available, you can use it anytime, anywhere in lots of beneficial ways.
    This class is all about learning how to use your body and above mentioned small pieces of equipment to get fitter, trimmer and slimmer in an easy and fun way.
    PS: You will get regular “Short Home-Exercise Routines and Programs” 🙂 so you get even more out of these classes.
  2. Part 2: 30min of an Open Q&A, Questions and Answers or a Mini-Talk / Seminar
    You can ask any fitness, exercise, diet and nutrition-related question during the second part of the class. Questions you wanted to ask since a long time. Examples are:
    (1) When is the best time to exercise?
    (2) What types of exercises are most beneficial for toning?
    (3) How do I read food labels?
    (4) Do sit-ups, crunches really work for abdominal toning?
    (5) What shall I eat before and/or after exercising?
    (6) Can you recommend a book for e.g. Pilates, Nutrition, Body-Weight Exercises etc.?
    I will do my best to find the answer to your question in case I don’t know the answer at the moment. I will tab into a small library of health, fitness, exercise, nutrition, food and diet books that I have in my office.
    Your question will allow me to identify topics for short mini-seminar or talks that I will prepare as we go along. It’s a Win-Win scenario – the more questions you ask the more you are able to learn, plus you will learn from each others questions as well.

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Read more about Martin’s exercise and fitness background and his involvement in the fitness industry since 2002.

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