Get a FREE spiky Massage Ball – in South Dublin, Central Park, Dublin 18 – June 2017

Ulster Bank spiky massage ball survey June 2017 in South Dublin Central Park Leopardxstown Dublin 18Get a *free* Spiky Massage Ball for filling out below survey … it’s that easy (Ulster Bank staff only – in Central Park, Leopardstown Dublin 18).

Why – do I look for answers to those three simple questions? I’m preparing to launch various Online – Fitness, Pilates and ultimately Nutrition & Health  Courses, record regular free informative short videos (biweekly initially, weekly after a while – if time allows) and I’m curious to hear
(1) what topics you are interested in,
(2) what questions you have in relation to the various classes e.g. Toning, Weight Loss, Pilates, Mens Pilates or Over 60s Classes,
(3) What you need to get into a sustainable fitness and exercise routine or habit.
I appreciate you taking time to fill out this questionnaire. The more information you can provide the more likely it is that I will answer your question or include your feedback in the online or in-person courses I’m running and videos I’m recording  in the future.
Thank you – Martin