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The data protection law is changing – yes, another one of those “GDPR” messages.
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You may have heard about the new data protection law in the European Union called the
General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”) that comes into effect May 25, 2018.
I updated my Privacy Policy accordingly.
It regulates how personal data is processed. Under GDPR, I need to make sure I have your explicit consent to send you information about one or several topics and themes:
(1) fitness, pilates, exercises and health classes and courses,
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(3) Online and Off-line Personal Training Options and
(4) Nutrition, Food and Diet-related workshop and seminars
(5) short educational videos with exercises, fitness, tips, tricks etc.
(6) occasional special offers and competitions
all there to help you to get fitter, trimmer and slimmer and to boost your health, boost your energy levels allowing you to get closer to achieving other personal and professional life goals with ease

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Prizes might be passed on to friends, teammates or family members.
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